GRIT aims at measuring direct reactions of nuclear strucutre and/or nuclear astrophysics interest.  Direct reactions are a powerful tool in nuclear physics. The relative simplicity of the reaction mechanism involving few degrees of freedom, allow precise theoretical calculations to be made and nuclear structure information to be extracted from experimental data.

Performed in inverse kinematics, where a radioactive beam impinges on a light target (H, He,…), they require the measurement and the identification of the recoiling light particle with high accuracy. Silicon based detectors are particularly well-suited as they combine high granularity with good energy resolution. Combined with¬† gamma arrays, they can benefit from their excellent energy resolution (few keV) and achieve excellent performances. This is why GRIT is designed to be coupled with state-of-the-art gamma arrays like AGATA, PARIS, EXOGAM2 or MINIBALL.

Nuclear chart with example of direct reactions to study nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics

Several Letters of Intent have been written to perform experiments at HIE-ISOLDE, SPES, FAIR and Spiral2