MUGAST is an intermediate step in the GRIT project. In order to benefit from the AGATA-VAMOS campaign at GANIL and from the development of the new Spiral1 beams, the new detectors developed for GRIT have been associated to the MUST2 array. The MUGAST configuration consists of 5 trapezoidal detectors in the backward direction, 2 square detectors at 90 deg. and 4 MUST2 telescope at forward angles, offering a wide angular coverage. All the detectors are read by the MUST2 electronics. With this arrangement, AGATA is at 18 cm from the target.

The MUGAST-AGATA-VAMOS campaign was run at GANIL from 2019-2021.The reaction chamber can accomodate specific targets like cryogenic ones. In particular, an 3He and 4He cryogenic target were available during the campaign at VAMOS.

In 2023, a new MUGAST campaign will take place at GANIL on the LISE spectrometer. MUGAST will be coupled with 12 EXOGAM clovers, the CATS beam tracking detectors and the zero degree detection (ZDD).